Maternity Home

Serenity8 was established to provide a long-term supportive environment for youth who are 21 years of age and younger, and for their children, who are in need of a loving home. These girls live under the loving supervision of a highly trained adult staff. We desire to prevent homelessness and to maintain physical unification of families for those who cannot remain in their homes of origin due to family disruption caused by abuse, neglect, abandonment, or who have not adjusted to foster care.

Benefits for young mothers include childcare, educational assistance, recreational opportunities, parenting education, and employment skills training. In addition, they will receive individual and group counseling and medical services. We aim to prepare these young women for independence, self-sufficiency, and to become effective parents capable of rearing strong families.

Children of these young mothers are provided a safe and supportive place to grow. The medical, nutritional, and developmental care that our program offers allows children to thrive. The support of our experienced staff encourages bonding and supports healthy relationships between mother and child.