Grow In Grace Outreach Services, Inc. was established in July 2014 when Connie Grant, founder, was driven by a vision to provide loving, caring, nurturing, and safe home environments to families and children who are victims of circumstance and in need of a stable, secure family environment in which to thrive. She has a heart to encourage the healthy developmental growth of children—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically—and to assist in creating strong families.

Connie desires to prevent homelessness and to maintain physical unification of families for those who cannot remain in their homes of origin due to family disruption caused by abuse, neglect, abandonment, or who have not adjusted to foster care. Through Grow In Grace Outreach Services, Inc., she strives to provide a long-term supportive environment for individuals who are 21 years of age and younger, and for their children, who are in need of a loving home. Connie hopes to see all children growing and thriving in their environments, and she aims to help them achieve that goal through education, mental and emotional support, and whatever other assistance proves necessary and helpful.

Familiar with obstacles such as poor credit, difficulty in attaining safe, affordable housing, lack of community or familial support, poor education or life skills, mental illness/disabilities, and unemployment that young single mothers face, Connie has in her heart the mission to provide a sense of stability, to prepare young adults and young mothers for the myriad of obstacles they may encounter and to help them to establish permanence in their lives. She aims to provide training in life skills such as budgeting, the use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and, when necessary, parenting skills. It is Connie's hope that this training and a stable living space will offer many opportunities for individuals to pursue educational or vocational goals, and receive support to reach their full potential. It is also her hope that through providing housing, individuals can focus on their personal growth and have the opportunity to learn and exercise leadership and communication skills in a safe environment.


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