Transitional/Independent Living Programs

Grow In Grace Outreach Services, Inc. provides the Transitional Living Program (TLP) and the Independent Living Program (ILP). TLP is designed to aid youth who are 21 years of age and younger, and those who have aged out of the state foster care system, and ready to enter a phase of care that will eventually transition them to independent living. ILP is intended for single women, under the age of 21, and their children who are in need of supportive housing assistance. We provide a sense of stability and help them to establish permanence in their lives.

Both programs provide training in life skills such as budgeting, the use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and, when necessary, parenting skills. Educational support is provided in the form of General Education Development (GED) preparation, post-secondary training, and vocational training.  In addition, we provide job training and employment assistance while encouraging and facilitating interpersonal skills building, wise decision making, and effective stress management. Our staff counselors are trained to work with each individual to foster independent living skills and to set goals that further their personal development. This training and a stable living space offers many opportunities for individuals to pursue educational or vocational goals, allowing them to reach their full potential. By providing housing and life skills, individuals can focus on their personal growth. They will have the opportunity to exercise leadership, communication, and life skills in a safe environment. Our services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week in secure, off-campus apartments. Aftercare services are available for up to one year after completion of both TLP and ILP.

The goal of TLP and ILP is to prepare young adults and young mothers for a myriad of obstacles they may encounter. We instruct individuals on how to avoid or handle obstacles such as poor credit, difficulty in attaining safe, affordable housing, lack of community or familial support, poor education or life skills, mental illness/disabilities, and unemployment. While these seem daunting, we address them through TLP and ILP and equip each person with the proper life skills, training, and support to reach their full potential.

Grow In Grace Outreach Services, Inc. has at its heart the goal of preserving and creating stable, loving families by educating and supporting existing families or by forming family environments in our Group Homes or Transitional and Independent Living Programs. We hope to see all children growing and thriving in their environments, and we aim to help them achieve that goal through education, mental and emotional support, and whatever assistance proves necessary and helpful.